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7 Reasons to Attend The Hotel Data Conference 

Data Drives Choices.  Today, we're giving you 7 reasons why the Hotel Data Conference should be one you choose.

1. We're providing data that you can't find anywhere else. It's not just STR data. We bring together solid data from various resources.

2. Our presenters rock! Both presenters and panels from 2014 received high marks for original and engaging content. 2015 is shaping up to be even better!

3. HDC attendees WANT to go to the sessions. This isn't the kind of conference that you leisurely come and go and only attend half of the sessions. The information is that valuable for all attendees whether you are a leader of a major brand, an independent owner, a destination or an industry partner.

4. We touch on everything and it's all backed by data. We talk about investment, revenue management, guest loyalty, food and beverage, and of course the forever popular topic of the top 25 markets. See our full agenda for more topics.

5. Bigger isn't always better. The bigger conferences are great, but do you feel lost and shuffled around? We purposefully limit registration to give an intimate setting where questions and discussion are encouraged!

6. Networking is key! Connect with over 500 travel industry professionals and vendors. We allot time for networking breaks giving you the opportunity to get to know one another. After all, our attendees learn just as much from each other.

7. Nashville. Enjoy being in downtown Nashville and experience what has made this a top 25 market! Shop for authentic cowboy boots, enjoy upscale dining and listen to a little live music.

Experience the Hotel Data Conference! Our attendees tell us time and again that the data, the networking and the presentations are worth it. 

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